Departmental Profile

Physics is one of the key subjects a tall levels and is  pivotal for research as well.

                    As it is one of the branch of basic sciences, it was introduced from the inception of the college i.e.1990 at the junior level and from 1993 at the senior level. Right from the beginning , the students response was quite good.

    With the good support of the management, the department is well furnished and equipped with all facilities , We have two spacious laboratories and one dark room. Important apparatus like lasers, CRO, spectrometer, signal generator ,etc are available so that almost all practicals can be performed as per the university syllabus.

           The faculties of the department are qualified and experienced in teaching and handling the problems of the students efficiently. Various activities are carried out to enhance their learning and competitive abilities. 

    Extra classes are conducted for weaker students and special guidance is given to the advanced students of the department. Tests and tutorials are conducted from time to time. Extra activities are planned each year for the students . This activities includes seminars, quiz competition, projects,collection of e-books , poster presentation, etc at the departmental level.Study tour  is also organized for them. All these activities enhance the abilities of the students and help them to develop their personality.

    Results of our students are quite good. Few of our students seek admission to post graduation course in physics.

                     Apart from regular teaching, our faculty actively works for different university programs like paper setting , assessment, JCS, internal and external practical examinations,etc .


         Our faculties are also life members of different academic organization like ISCA, IAPT and ACTRA. Number of books and research papers are published by the faculties regularly. The department is  active in the functioning of various committees and programs of the college.