Departmental Profile of English

Introduction of the department-

The department of English came to be introduced with the establishment of the college in 1963. The aim of the introduction of the department was to introduce students to English literature and also inculcate in them a love for the language and a taste for literature. Earlier the college was part of Maulana Azad College. Later on a separate ladies section was established and in the year 1990 the college came to be bifurcated and achieved an independent status.The dept has always successfully catered to the needs and interests of the students. With the team of very eminent and hardworking teachers the department as progressed by leaps and bounds. This helped in making the subject popular and led to its increasing strength year after year. As the college has a majority of students from the urdu medium, a good number of students from the urdu medium also opt for the subject.

Establishment of the department

Date of UG subject-

UG subject was established right since the inception of the college in 1963. Apart from being a compulsory subject, English as second language and an optional subject was introduced and since then it has always remained a very important and popular subject among students.

Date of PG subject-

PG English came to be introduced in the year 2005-6. Till date many students have successfully passed MA. A good number of students take admission to the course every year . as the students are already exposed to English as a compulsory,second language and optional, studying PG in the same campus is an added advantage to girl students and even housewives and also to those students who had stooped their higher studies after graduation. The strength every year has been round 50-60 for both the years.

MsKahkashanAfreen,Dr. Jameelunnisa ,Dr Nilofer Sahkir have also been engaging PG lectures. The results of PG have always been more than satisfactory, keeping the tradition of bringing outstanding results alive.


Former heads / teachers list and their contributions

Dr.Qudsia Inamdar was the head of the dept. she was also the in-charge principal for more than a decade. Initially it was difficult to attract girl students for higher studies. As an in charge principal and head, dr. inamdar played an important role in admitting students for further studies, going from door to door in the city to make the parents realize the importance of education for women. she along with the other teachers not only enrolled students but also encouraged them to take English as an optional subject. Dr. Inamdar retired in the year 2005. the dept comprised Dr. RajanShinde, DrInamdar and Nilofer Shakiras a contributory teacher.