Departmentof Political Science


TheDepartment of Political Science aims at inculcating the values of higherlearning and research among the students of Marathwada – a region comprisingsome of most backward districts in the country. Founded in 1963, the Departmentboasted of the academically credentialed and socially committed teacher’s rightfrom its inception. Professor S.V.Pathan, Dr.Mohammed Umar, was those who set ahigh benchmark of learning and research for the students to strive to.Following in their footsteps, the succeeding generation of teachers in theDepartment endeavored to instill in students not only the values of excellence,but also those of humanity in a belief that knowledge cannot be produced inisolation. They continue to teach the students that the crux of success lies asmuch in acquisition of classroom knowledge as in developing a vision toreconnoiter a far more challenging life that awaits them outside the campus.

The Department offersB.A. M.A., programs wherein around 100 students enroll every year. In recentyears, the discipline of Political Science underwent a sea-change in itsoutlook on the extensive zones of its inquiry. As such, the Department, too,remolded its approach, incorporating the interdisciplinary thrust in teachingthe core subjects like Political theory, philosophy, foreign policy andpromoting research in the emerging areas of Dalit politics, and subaltern andminority studies. Consequently, research projects like Indian foreign Policy andsoon have been undertaken by the teachers.

The Departmentregularly conducts seminars and workshops. The Department has been an integralpart of a collaborative effort to establish and promotes integrative researchand organization of seminars, conferences and workshops with a special focus onvaried dimensions of the backwardness afflicting rural Marathwada.