Departmentof History


 History department of University wasestablished in 1963. It is a composite department teaching varied courses inIndian History, Non-Indian History giving emphases to emerging areas likesocial History, intellectual History and subaltern History. Department ofHistory unanimously persuaded multifaceted terrain of research. Nevertheless ishas chosen to give emphasis to history of Deccan. Present faculty is engaged inthe various aspects of Deccan History ranging from Ancient to Modern.

TheDepartment of History and Ancient Indian Culture of the Dr. BabasahebAmbedkar  Marathwada University is one ofthe very few University in the entire country who has it own History museumwhich provides a glimpse into the varied and variegated aspects of India’sglorious heritage of arts and cultural History. The Babasaheb AmbedkarMarathwada University is singularly fortune in being located in the vicinity ofthe world famous cave monuments of Ajanta and Ellora. This region is anarcheological paradise. It has yielded remarkable artifacts of the Prehistorictimes and can boast of a variety of cave temples and structural edifices.

Inview of the rich archeological, artistic and historical potential of thisregion. The Department made beginning in collecting objects of artistic andhistorical value as a curriculum. In course of times this efforts   emerged as a very impressive project. Thepresent collection includes stone sculptures, bronze, coins, miniaturepaintings, gold, Silver and copper coins, decorative arts, arms and armor, woodcarvings and plain manuscripts and a variety of antiquities recovered in thearcheological excavations at Bhokhardhan, Ter [Satavahana sites] and Daultabad.