1.         Name                                       :           Dr. Mazahar Ahmed Farooqui


                                                                        Dr.Rafiq Zakaria College for Women,


Dean (Science & Technology)

Dr. B.A. M.U., Aurangabad


2.         Father’s Name                         :           NazeeruddinFarooqui

3.         Address                                   :           27, Sohel Park, AlamgirColony,Aurangabad.

4.         Contact No.                             :           9422214785

5.         E-mail I.D.                               : 

6.         Date & Place of Birth              :           23/02/1966,Aurangabad.

7.         Educational Qualification        :          


Name of the examination

%age of marks/ Division

Year of passing






60% (I)


Phy. Chem. Maths.

Marathwada University, Aurangabad.



73% (I)


Physical Chemistry

Marathwada University, Aurangabad





Chemical Science







Dr. B.A.M.U. Aurangabad.


8.         Additional Qualification                      :           Diploma in Information Technology


9.         Specialization at P.G.               :           PhysicalChemistry.

10.       Teaching Experience               :


Institution with address



Nature of the Post


Dr. Rafiq Zakaria College for Women, Aurangabad.


From 1st September 2016



Dr. Rafiq Zakaria College for Women, Aurangabad.

Lecturer/ Reader

1995 onwards



Aurangabad College for Women, Aurangabad





JES College, Jalna.



Temporary (against reservation)


Science College, Nanded



Temporary (against reservation)


JES College, Jalna.


1988 to 1992

Temporary (against reservation)


11.       Subjects/ Papers taught            :           U.G.-  Chemistry; 

P. G.  - Physical Chemistry, Analytical

Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry.


12.       Publication of Books               :

i.          Fundamentals of Chemistry, RenukaPublication, Aurangabad.

ii.         Concept of Chemistry, Renuka Publication,Aurangabad

iii.               AdvancedChemistry, Renuka Publication, Aurangabad.

iv.               ModernChemistry for XII Std., Himalaya Publication, Nagpur.

v.                 MHT-CETCracker, Himalaya Publication, Nagpur.

vi.               Ilme-Chimiya(Urdu) for XII Std., Society for Quality Education, Mumbai


13.       Research Apptitude

            i.          Ispursuig Ph.D./Completed     :           Completed (Yes)

If yes Topic ofPh.D.:                          A Study of Mechanistic Proposals of someinduced oxidation reactions.

                        Date of Award of Ph.D.                       :           September, 2000.

            ii.         ResearchGuide Supervision    :


Sr. No.

Name of the Student and University


Date of Award


Khan Md. Arshad Ali

(Algappa University, Karaikudi)

Synthesis of triazine derivatives from the key intermediate N-substituted-3, 7-dimethylpyrzolo (3,4,e) (1,2,4) triazine

December 2007


Nagre Sadashiv Sahebrao

(Algappa University, Karaikudi)

Synthesis of 4-substituted-3-7-Dimethyl- Pyrazolo (3,4-e) (1,2,4) triazine compounds.

December 2007



For Ph.D.


Sr. No.

Name of the Student


Date of Award


Rajesh O. Bora

Synthesis and Spectral Characterisation of substituted Aryl and Heteroary compounds as a Novel Therapeutic Agents.

April 2009.


Shaikh Muktar Fakir

Thermodynamics and Physicochemical Study of some non-electrolyte in Binary  solvent system.

July 2010.


Mohd. Shafique

Md. Afzaluddin

Physico – Chemical Properties of some organic compounds in binary solvent systems.

July 2010


Zahid Zaheer Ahmed

Development of validation of Analytical Method for Pharmaceutical Products.

August 2010.


Battase Anil P.

Oral Drug Delivery system Design, compartment independent system approach based on convolution & Deconvolution.

Sept. 2010


Gajanan B. Kasawar

Development and validation of analytical method for pharmaceutical products

Feb. 2011


Naser Ali Shafakat Ali

Synthesis & characterization of Biologically important Aryl Heterocycles.



Gaur Sandeepsingh

Kinetics studies and mechanistic proposals of oxidation of some organic compounds.

Feb 2012.


Pakhare Sidhartha B.

Kinetics studies and mechanistic proposals of oxidation of some organic compounds.



D.B. Jirekar

Adsorption studies of some metal ions and organic compounds on low cost materials.



Rana Zaheer




Adel Gubran Saeed


Synthesis of Aryl and Hetroary compounds involving cycloadditions.

March 2016





iii)        Number of publications :         300

iv)           Number of Participationin Seminars/workshop/conferences: 28

vi)           Numberof Major/Minor Research projects undertaken:   Three

                                Onefunded by Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University,

Aurangabadand another by UGC, Western Regional Office, Pune.


14.          Number of Organizingworkshops/conferences : 14

15.          Curriculum Designing.

 Board of Studies in Chemistry Dr. BAMUAurangbad (2000-2005 &  2005-2010)

16.          P.G. Teacher Recognition:            YES

17.          Membership of college committees:

                                1)Secretary Analytical Chemistry Teachers & Researchers Association.

                                2)Life Member Indian Chemical Society Kolkata

                                3)Life Member Indian Science Congress New Delhi

                                4)Life Member Rasayan Journal of Chemistry

                                5)Life Member Indian journal of Environmental Protection

                                6)Life Member Acta Cieinca Indica

                                7)Life Member Indian Association of Analytical Scientist.

18.          AdministrativeExperience:

a.            Incharge Principal, Dr.Rafiq Zakaria College for Women,Aurangabad.

b.            Public Information Office, Dr.Rafiq Zakaria College forWomen, Aurangabad.

c.             Co-ordinatedof carrier oriented program analytical interaction. (UGC sponsored)

d.            ElectedMember, Local Managing Committee, Aurangabad College for Women, Aurangabad (2001to 2005).

e.            Co-ordinatorof chemistry teachers association CONTECH-15 , Bhabha Atomic research centre,Mumbai.

f.             Member,Aurangabad ethic committee approved by Food & Drug Administration (FDA),Govt. of India.

g.            Head,Department of Chemistry, Dr.Rafiq Zakaria College for Women, Aurangabad.


19.          Other details :

a.       Examinerfor State Level Science Exhibition organized by Deogiri College, Aurangabad.

b.      AwardedGuru Gaurav Puruskar by City Lions Club, Aurangabad (2007-08)

c.       Dr.Rafiq Zakaria Model Teacher award 2011.







296.        Syed Aziz Imam Quadri, Tonmoy C. Das andMazahar Farooqui; Novel and synthesis of Benzimidazole and Benzthiazol moietiesmediated by Triflic anhydride and 2-nitropyridine.; Chemistry select., willeyonline library.; 2 (2017), 1802-1807.

295.        Megha Rai, Shivaji Jadhav, MazaharFarooqui; Sn-PILC : A novel efficient and recyclable catalyst for one pot threecomponent povorov’s inverse electron demand hetero diels-alder reaction for afacile synthesis of THQ derivatives under neat condition.Orbital-E-Journal ofchemistry.,8(3),2016.

294.        Firoz A. Kalam Khan, Zahid Zaheer,Jaiprakash N. Sangshetti, Rajendra H. Patil and Mazahar Farooqui;Antileishmanial evaluation of clubbed bis(indoyl)-pyridine derivatives: One-potsynthesis, in vitro biological evaluations and in silico ADME prediction, Bioorganic& Medicinal Chemistry Letters, 27(2017) 567-573.

293.        Dattarya Jirekar and Mazahar Farooqui; AStudy of adsorption capacity of low cost adsorbent for the removal of Ni(II)from aqueous solution, J. Academy of Chemistry Teachers,2(1), june 2016, 10-14.

292.        Sunil Jadhav, Samreen Fatema and,MazaharFarooqui., Tetra block conjugate:

Synthesis and pharmacologicalevaluation of thiazolo [3,2a] pyramidones as dual

inhibitor oftuberculosis and inflammation. Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry

Letters.DOI.10.1016/2015.11.020.  [ISSN:0960-894X]

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289         AdelAl-Saeedi, Usama Karama, Mujeeb A Sultan and Mazahar Farooqui;(4+3) Cycloadditionreactions in organic synthesis; Synthesis ofBishomomaprotiline[9,10-dihydro-9-(4-methylaminobutyl)-9,10- propanoanthracene], J. O.C.P.R.,8(2), 2016, 279-284. 0975-7384

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287         BhagwansingDhaobhal, Ravindra Shimpi, Mazahar farooqui, Sandipsing Gour and Milind Ubale; Kineticsof permagnetic oxidation of 4-hydroxy acetophenone in acidic media, Der PharmaChemica, 7(10):304-308 (2015). 0975-413X



286         S.Q. Chisty,Mazahar Farooqui, Mohd. Khizer and B.B. Rajeshaikh; Fractal Aggregation ofCopper Particles using Electroless Cell, Oriental Journal of Chemistry, 29(3),1183-1186 (2013). 0970-020X            

285         S.K. Gaur,R.K. Pardeshi, Siddhartha Pakhare & Mazahar Farooqui; Knetic Study ofOxidatio of Paracetamol using Potassium permanganate, JMCDD,

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283         Ammar Qasem,Mazahar Farooqui, Moammad Mohsin, B.K. Magare, Sayyed Hussain; Determination ofthe stability Constants of binary complexes aminoacids with Co(II), Ni(II),Cu(II) & Zn(II) Metal Ions in Aqueous Solution, JMCDD, 916-924 (2016).2347-9027.

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