Poverty and educational backwardness of the Muslim Minority of Indian Society is as clear as day light. Madam Zakaria has made higher education accessible to them. Our mission is to spread maintain and improve women education. For this purpose scholarships and concessions are granted to the needy students. Library, computer facilities are made available, research and professional talents of the girls and continually polished and promoted. A woman is the pivot of the national progress and prosperity. She is not only the better half, she is really the best half of nation. Civilization and culture is nourished in her "Aanchal". Women is the custodian of cultural and national values. She cannot afford, not to know, not to be unaware or ignorant. Our founder, Chairman Dr. Rafiq Zakaria and our present President of the trust and Chairman of the Maulana Azad Education Society, Padmashree Fatma Zakaria put ceaseless efforts to transform this college into an exemplary college for women. No college in the region and very few in the state, enjoy the nobility of objectives and facility of infrastructural amenities, this college offers. The chief architect is none other then the apple of our eyes, Madam Fatma Zakaria. Madam Fatma Zakaria visualizes the best and gives the best to women’s community and to the nation at large. Padmashree conferred on her, is, surely, a national recognition of her dreams, desire and deeds. We all love her, we all respect her for her selfless services. The progress of the college is a result of collective efforts. I am proud of my staff members and students who have whole hearted devoted all their energies for the alround development of the college. I take this opportunity to appreciate all my staff who are my real family members.

(Dr. Mazhar Farooqui)